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So I Saw Radiohead Last Night...

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And they were {censored}ing amazing! [YOUTUBE]42ePdDWNBRw[/YOUTUBE]


Set 1: All I Need, There There, Lucky, Bangers and Mash, 15 Step, Nude, Pyramid Song, Optimistic, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, National Anthem, Idioteque, You and Whose Army?, Reckoner, Everything in Its Right Place, Airbag, Bodysnatchers, Videotape


Encore 1: The Gloaming, The tourist, Just, Faust Arp, Exit Music


Encore 2: The Bends, House of cards


Thom's vocals were amazing!! and Johnny cut through the mix really well while he was doing his thing :thu:


Highlight of the night was between National Anthem, Everything in its Right Place, The Bends, and 15 Step.


No Paranoid Android or Karma Police :(


But still one of the best shows i have ever seen :love:

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