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Powering pedals

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Ok so i have 5 pedals.

Boss dd6

Boss tu2

Boss rc2

Dunlop dimebag wah


And i just got a line 6 dl4 in the post.


I have a 9v 1.33A power supply. So this is not enough to power the pedals. So i looked at the Dunlop DC-Brick.....but that's not enough enough to run the line 6 on it's own!


So how do ye power your pedals?!


But even if i did find a power supply with high enough Amps would i be able to run them all thogether?...what about the polarity?


Also the wah pedal only uses 2.5mA...that can't be right can it?...shouldn't it use way more?

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If you have 1.33A (1300mA) available from your 9 volts DC (it has to be DC, not AC) supply, you will have more than enough to power those pedals. What kind of power supply is it?


DD-6 = 55mA

TU-2 = 35mA

RC-2 = 50mA

Dime wah = dunno. A stock Crybaby will draw about 0.5mA, so 2.5mA is not at all impossible.

Line 6 DL-4 = 250mA (when powered from 9vDC supply - use a 2.5mm center positive plug)


The total current draw will be just a bit below 400mA, thus. Too much for the DC Brick (375mA max from the 9vDC jacks), but no problem for a 1300mA 9vDC supply.


Running all pedals from the same power supply can produce hum, of course. A Pedal Power 2+ will provide clean, noise-free power for ages, so it is a great investment. Also, look into the BBE Supa-Charger, for a slightly cheaper alternative with all the main features still there.



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