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The ZVEX Box of Metal is staying!

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Finally got to see how my Vexter BoM fit in during band practice and I got thumbs up from my other 2 guitarist , bass player, and yes even my drummer.

The BoM to me sounds more like a distortion with added fuzz but it fits in with the band just fine. The gate feature does silence my rig but is not useful to for me for live application. I use the BoR boost side during solos and that combo can do pinch harmonics all day long. The overall sustain is really good. The BoM sounded alot better with my Les Paul than with my Strat during practice. So during Strat use I will just use the drive side to the BoR and it sounds great. The bass controll is it's weak link even maxed it won't give you that amp like punch. The Mid control can change the sound fast and that's the way to add to your sound and bass overall while the Treble controll will give you all you want and more. I wish the gate was a boost instead because you always want to step out during solo's. All that being said I am beyond happy on how mean it sounds and how well it responds when you dig in. It's true that it won't clean up but that's the point to it. I think most hard rock and even space blues types of players might overlook this because of it's name but it's more a really hard rock pedal vs. being a real brutal metal pedal.

The BoM plays very good with modulations set before and after it. It also likes regular ol wah's and that is really cool. I had my Octave pedal stacking into it and it was such a melt your face sound. I'm not that interested in trying to make my Legacy sound like some other more expensive amp. I just wanted a really hard rock sound at gig volumes and the Box of Metal does just that really good.

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