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My Boss OD3 Crapped Out On Me During a Gig! UGGGH!

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Greetings all- I play in an acoustic duo and I use a pedalboard with a select few effects that I use to spice up the songs. I have had a Boss OD3 pedal for about a year, and I have gotten pretty good results from it. I more or less use it to kick up the gain with a bit of bite for a couple of tunes and have gotten pretty good comments on it. Last summer we were playing an outdoor gig and the sky literally opened up and the rain soaked all of our gear (it was about 1min before we got everything sheltered)! But I thourghly cleande the pedals and sprayed cleaner in the in & Outs and let the pedals dry for about a week before I used them again. They all worked great the following gig. Then a few months later at a New Years Gig I went to step on the Overdrive pedal during a song and it literally cut out! Then I hit it again to turn it off and the sound came back! So during the break I took the pedal out and unscrewed the battery compartment and hit the switch a few times. The next set the pedal worked fine. Crazy! It has been fine until this past week, I noticed though the pedal turned on- it sounded nasty, really noisey. We had a gig this past weekend and when I hit the pedal it crapped out again- I noticed the on light flickered- so I thought that the connection was shorting out (I run power off of a power supply) The connection was loose- I threw some duct tape on it to hold it in place- But I believe the pedal is bad. I am thinking about retiring it and maybe substituting it with a Bad Monkey- What does every one think about them- or if you have any recommendations on what or how I should repair the Boss please let me know- Very frustrating! and sorry for the length!

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