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Melxotone, if you have yet to order please read!!


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Posted in the official thread, but I thought I'd post it in a new thread so eveyone has a fair chance. Unfortunatly there has to be a limit guys. :thu:


In interest of not going utterly crazy, and being able to stay on top of all the orders and getting them done in a decent amount of time

we are capping this to just 40 pedals.

and as of right now, there are 6 available slots left.

this will be on a first come first serve paypal basis. if you paypal too late, I will regrettably but courteously promptly refund the payment


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So I've got the following people all on the list

1. Devi Ever

2. rileykill

3. NetStar

4. CrxshDxmmy

5. kismet78

6. makingbeds

7. TweedBassman

8. Nitefly182

9. loobster

10. amp_surgeon

11. melx

12. Belt

13. Dolflundgren

14. Bluehuricane

15. XanaduNEX

16. Free the guilty

17. myTakamine

18. Mr Benn

19. joncyberboy

20. messiah

21. small stone

22. Used666

23. gambit

24. m900

25. hasblueshoes

26. The Glicks

27. the future king

28. homestar_kevin


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