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Will A Buffered Pedal...

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Yea Y is both amps together. I don't think that would be a phase problem because in reviews I read even in higher quality passive ABYs with reverse phase, ground lift ect said that in Y they still suffered from volume and tone loss. That makes sense as there is no power going through the pedal so the signal is literally cut in half. Phasing issues I believe is totally different, thats wen the amps are out of phase from each other resulting in a nasely or something.

Also to clear things up I haven't actually bought the passive ABY yet. If you look in my previous threads I was looking at active ABYs so I wouldn't get these problems but they were pretty expensive. So then I thought active ABYs may just an ABY with a buffer, so I was hoping instead I could just buy a cheap passive ABY and put a buffered pedal before or after it to solve any issues.

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