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OT: Post Your Gear Anti-Fetishes


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Post stuff that makes you say "DO NOT WANT" instantly, and you can't explain why.


1. Fender guitars ending in --master

2. Any effect described as sounding full and lush

3. MultiFX

4. Stacked Humbuckers

5. Pitch Shifters

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1. Phasers

2. PRS guitars

3. Gibsons

4. Marshall heads

5. Ovations


Well, for most of them I do know why I don't like them.

All except the marshall heads and phasers are in my opinion dead ugly.

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Marshall MGs.

All Gibson, bar "Juniors"

....$1,500 Toobskreema Clonez.

Pointy Guitars

Br00T4l Amps.


+1 on all of those.

I hate it when people think they will sound hard like a beast because of having a guitar in the shape of an axe... :rolleyes:


Apparently, I hate a lot of things... :mad::mad::mad:

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1. Klon

2. Piezo

3. Floyd Rose

4. 4x12 cabs

5. Volume Pedals

6. Racks

7. Flashy Straps


+1 on all of those except piezo...

Those floyd rose systems really irritate me. {censored}ing tuning with those small little knobs... I killed the floyd rose on my ibanez prestige with some extra springs... :thu:


I need to start making a huge hate list.

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As already mentioned:

Guitars that are pointy

amps that are brootal

gold/black hardware

pedals that are meant to get you someones sounds where that pedal is not actually used by them (i am completely failing to think of an example of what i mean here, help!)

Guitars with humbuckers - just cannot get along with them.

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