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check out my new rig... no pics yet, sorry.

C Fuzz

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Epiphone Firebird - tuned down to standard "B" with flatwound 13's for my heavy/doom band GRAVEYARDWHORE.


Squire Telecaster Custom - Standard tuning for covers and my "normal" songs.






Line 6 Ubermetal - for the GRAVEYARDWHORE stuff

Boss TU-2

Digitech Whammy 4

USA Big Muff

Morley Tripler pedal - this pedal allows me to play thru 3 amps at once, I have 2 now...





Epiphone Valve Jr head into a VOX 4x12 cab

Blackheart Little Giant into a BH1x12 and Epiphone 1x12 cabs




...Maybe kind of a weird setup but I am digging it!

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