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**ROUND 2** Aramat Fundraiser to battle cancer.

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**Round 2 of the Aramat battle with cancer Fundraiser**


First, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the last raffle. All of the money, minus paypal fees, goes directly to Keith to help cover costly medical expenses from his battle with cancer. Also, I would like to encourage straight donations as well. We've raised over $400 bucks so far, but I would like to try and break the $1,000 dollar barrier before we're done.


Here is what Brad from www.Tonefactor.com has graciously offered for the second raffle:


"The winner of our raffle can choose any one of the following pedals in any custom color combination that they choose. They can pick the lettering color as well as the powdercoat color from anything that www.pedalpartsplus.com has in stock.


Analogue Filter 442

Nebula Phaser

Mule Overdrive

Huckleberry Fuzz v2

Mystick Octavius

Copperhead Dual Boost"



Like before, raffle tickets will be $20 dollars each with a maximum of 20 tickets sold to keep the odds decent. As of right now, there are 10 tickets available. Also, as I mentioned, people are more than welcome to make straight donations to push this raffle over the $400 dollar mark. PLEASE, BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR MONIKER AND IF YOU WANT TO JUST GIVE A STRAIGHT DONATION WHEN YOU MAKE PAYMENT. Paypal payment should be made to colorsoundkid@gmail.com


Thanks! Here is some eye candy to get the GAS juices flowing for a good cause:








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Ok, the winning email address has been pulled: e_savas is the winner. I want to thank everyone for participating, we've officially raised (including the original money raised to buy the first Green Machine) around $1,000 bucks! You guys rock. There will be two more raffles (one for a CoPilot pedal and another for a really cool custom painted enclosure).



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Here is a message Keith wanted me to pass on to everyone who has helped out:




Thanks so much for organizing this. You all are a tremendous help to me and my family. I wish that I could meet you and thank you in person. If there's anything I can do for you please let me know. Please make sure to pass this not of appreciation to all who helpd contribute to my cause. You all rock!!


Alll the best,



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