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call me stupid!


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Thanks folks!!!

I don't often feel like a complete newb anymore....just a partial one!

I've been looking for a OD (maybe Barber DD) to go with my Fender DRRI and LP.

I usually run a Zoom G7(sacrilege,I know) into the DRRI, and I been thinking about trying out pedals......I have absolutely no experience with pedals.

I bought the G7 thinking flexibility and options, but ya know I only want 2 options....a decent clean and a mildly overdriven lead. I now have it set so I can get everything I want just using the volume on the guitar. Turn it down for clean. I'm using a Marshal based model on the G7. I don't even use the pedal ..... I more into fiddling with the guitar than leaning over to fiddle with the pedals.

Anyhow....I just got this DRRI..... I like it, but I noticed right off that (the same with my traynor ycv20wr and fender champ) I just don't care for the sound of the amp raw...... it's just too immediate or something....it's not harsh, but the attack is too in your face...hard to describe.....I can tame that with the G7 and get what I like.......kinda smoother.....

I'm rambling and you folks probably think I'm nuts now.......but if anyone has a clue what I'm trying to describe I could use advise on how to improve my musical vocab/knowledge.......


ps. I hardly ever get the DRRI over 2 on the volume..... 8^)

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