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Boss CH-1 Chorus Users - Share Your Settings

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I have a marshall mini stack amp and my CH-1 settings are:


E. Level - Max

EQ - at 3 o'clock

Rate - 9 o'clock

Depth - Max


Nice sound also when I run my metal muff or my muff OD before it.

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Why do you plug a dummy cable into the stereo out? I have never tried that...


The dry signal will be sent to the dummy cable, which doesn't go anywhere. Only the wet signal goes to the amp, making it sound like pitch vibrato.



I learned this like a week ago. It's pretty cool.

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Wow, the dummy plug really changes this pedal.. I used to hate this pedal and always kept it around because i knew i could only get a few bucks for it if i sold it.. Needless to say, its back on my board now!


Here's what i found to sound really good:


With dummy cable:


Level: full

Eq: 3 o'clock

Rate: Full

Depth: 10-11 o'clock

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Guys I was listening to Paul Gilbert era Mr Big and I think that he has a really cool chorus sound on nearly all of the songs he plays on. Would anyone be able to have a listen and perhaps take a guess at what kind of a chorus sound it is and what settings would be me close? Here is a video -



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Plug a dummy cable into the stereo out.


I know I'm bumping into old threads, but I felt I needed to thank Mr. Kyrreca over here. This overly simple idea changed everything. I had a bit difficulty dialing a good setting for what I like, while googling for tips I found this, and it saved my sound. With a dummy cable it's the opposite and it's hard to dial anything bad.


You only have to be careful with the Level, since now it affects your entire volume when it's ON, so you must match the volume for when the pedal is OFF.


Thanks again for this tip.


However, I am now left wondering what if there was no pedal with independent channel stereo output to do this?



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 have a marshall jvm amp and a vox ac30 my CH-1 settings are:

E. Level - 12 o'clock

EQ         - 12 o'clock

Rate      - 12 o'clock

Depth    - 3 o'clock

The dry signal will NOT be sent to the dummy cable

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