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New Pedal Build day - Voetsek tremolo

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well, it's mostly done anyway. for those who havent been following the other thread, it's essentially a tremolo controled by a 16-step sequencer/arpeggiator. if you know what a zvex seek-trem is, well its that but with double the steps and some other additional options. controls are as follows:


amplitude (x 16) - the amplitude of the envelope at that particular step


smooth/sharp - a little control over the shape of each step. two modes. smooth makes everything smooth into each other, causing gradual rises and falls. sharp gives little jumps to the envelope, like extra "swing". makes things a whole lot choppyier and purcussive! the knob controls the amount of the effect.


volume - ...


speed - do you really want to know?


fwd/rev - toggles the direction of the sequencer


bypass - causes the universe to explode


reset - resets the sequencer, making the "currently played" step the first one every time button is pushed. currently disabled, I bought the wrong button.


8/16 - toggles between 8 and 16 step loops. if 8, only the top row is used.


cheesy video:








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yeah I know its spelt wrong. by the time I noticed, I didnt feel like sanding the 10 layers of clear off, damaging the paint and decal underneith and basically starting the enclosure over. give me a break! english aint my primary language! :(


wasnt drilled by hand, I used a drill press.


voetsek can mean "{censored} off" in afrikaans. I was playing around with a random word generator untill I found one that phonetically sounded cool.


it's not that huge. exact same size as the SMM/H, and smaller than many others

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