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OT: Pickups?

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So, I'm looking to buy new pickups pretty soon, and I'm not very well versed in pickups at all. My guitar/amp is Agile AL2800 -> Marshall JCM 900 and I'm about to buy an Avatar 2x12 with V30s.


I'm looking to get a sound that is pretty punchy and thick, but with some nice highs happening. Tone-wise, I'm going for something along the lines of Nerve Agents, Against Me, Propaghandi type of thing. Dark, but with a good "shing" to it? I suck so hard at describing tones. I'd also like to be able to get some good low end, so as to be able to get some decent stoner rock tones when run through fuzz.


Finally, my budget is pretty low, so I know I'll be compromising tone-wise a bit. I'd like to keep it under $150 for a pair; more than willing to buy used if I can.



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