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on the hunt for a new delay pedal


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current i have a boss DD-5 which ive had for a few years now. i originally bought it because i liked the different settings. and i could get those cool phsychedlic mix of sounds /swirling solos/ sitar esq sounds/ backwards delay and so on.

but now just like the sound of this pedal..it has worn thin on me.

im starting to notice the crackle im getting at the end of each delay loop (which for recording guitar layers) is then only multiplied by the amount of guitar tracks i use and ends up giving me a vinyl sorta crackle you get from old records. (you can here what i mean here http://www.myspace.com/danireson on the 3rd track, On a wave)

which aint bad if you want it.but i basically have no choice.

other than to flog it and buy a new one.


my effects chain currently consists of

baja tech dasfuzz

cry baby wah (also about to be replaced)


boss flanger

boss chorus

and then the DD5


im also looking for a good reverb pedal (probbly going to go with line6 verbzilla)

for the Verve esq sort of sounds


so i was wondering if any of you nice people would mind giving me a few suggestions on what options are worth looking at


thanks in advance

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dd-20 is great if you need really really precise delays. I chose the dd-7 recently after trying both because it offers great delays, a better analog emulation, a great modulated delay, a 100% wet reverse, and a 40 seconds looper. It is beautiful.

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or RE-20.



Both are way different than the DD5 though.


What kind of features do you want? (tap tempo, modulation, etc)

How much delay time do you want? (300ms, 600ms, 3 secs, etc)

How would you like the repetitions to sound? (hi-fi, lo-fi, etc..)



Answering those three questions would help you narrow down your search.

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The "right" delay for you depends on your needs in terms of features, and preferences in terms of sonics - not to mention your budget.


For me, that means analog delays on my boards, mainly for sonic reasons. I love the sound of a good analog delay. I don't really do "looping" live, so I don't need that feature. 600 ms is enough delay time for me too. If I need longer delay times or other digital features, I have other options in my racks and Pro Tools TDM plug-ins folder. If I need tape, I have an Otari analog reel to reel that works just fine for doing tape echo the old fashioned way.


Knowing what features are important to you would help us give you better / more appropriate suggestions. :idea::)


FWIW, I am currently using a Diamond Memory Lane Mk I and a Malekko E600B - both of which kick serious butt IMHO. :phil:

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