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SynthMonger.. Watch out!!!

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Synth Monger

Mark Shaner

214 NW 3RD ST

Boynton Beach, FL 33435

do you know this guy or have any phone # etc.. for him...

he makes pedals and synths under the name Synth monger, he has you tube videos

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpb389uHuUs And this is his myspace account


I paid for a PWM in july of 2007 which was suppose to be delivered that week and he has been touch when he feels like it, but I've learned over that time that I'm not the only guy that he's stolen from, I know of no less than 3 other cases of bands or musician's who've sent him money only for him to never.. EVER deliver the pedals.

He is a thief and I'm trying to track him down. be warned, any info would be greatly appreciated as I need some way to get my money back from this thief. Please don't fall for his act. His pedals are really interesting sounding but this guy cannot be trusted. If you've dealt w/ him let me know, if you are just curious and want more info I have emails etc I can send. Watch out fellow musicians and pedal makers, this guy is making a very bad name for indie pedal makers by just plain stealing.


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