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Captain Coconut 2 clip. No Hendrix content.


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Tried to see what I could make out of a CC2 and a Jamman, without using it like a classic rock pedal.


I layed down the riffs from "Chameleon" and then basically solo for 4 minutes with the fuzz and octave engaged. Hope this isn't too :bor: for any of you.

I promise the lead gets a bit better after it sucks for too long.


There are some mistakes, my timing is off because of the ridiculous rhythms, the eq is all wrong, there's no stereo separation, and it sounds like I'm messing up on Guitar Hero sometimes from the looped riff coinciding with the lead.


But hey, in case you wanted to hear an octave pedal's tricks (and they sure do sound better live) ... :poke:




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