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Just ordered the 1 Spot


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Mine died last weekend. Not sure why. I put my DMM on the connectors & they seem to be fine.

I've had it a little over a year. I'll probably get another to replace it.



Well, I picked up a replacement to cover a gig this weekend. But then I got curious about the old one and pried it open this afternoon. Once I got the shroud off of the base I was pretty sure what went wrong.


On the inside, the receptacle prongs are attached to a pair of metal clips. Rather than being hard-wired/soldered to the interior circuit board, these clips simply rest against two solder blobs on the PCB, relying on their tension to maintain contact. On each solder blob, there was a bit of dark oxidation where the clips made contact. Either the oxidation was inhibiting current or the clips lost contact just enough to open the circuit.


After my gig tonight, I took it out to my shop, re-assembled the PCB & the base, and flowed the solder so that the clips would make a positive conection with the underlying contacts & no longer rely on the springiness of the clips to maintain the connection. I just tested it with my pedal board and it works fine. So now I have a backup.


Aside from not liking that aspect of it's design, the 1-spot is a good, quiet, value-priced power supply & I'll continue using it. If yours fails or starts working inconsistently, you may want to try this fix if you're handy with a soldering iron.

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