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Behringer SP400 super phaser review


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Just got this beast on ebay for 40 bucks shipped.


Now I've been reading for dayz about how everyone and there mom is scaired of the thin shelled frail plastic housing and the first thing I did when I opened it was laugh out loud.


You guys have got to be kidding me!!!


It's friggin solid plastic!!!


they make crash helmets out of this {censored}!


It's NOT frail, it's NOT flimsy, and yeah, it uses the same tactile switch as BOSS.


It's solid guys. Seriously, it will live longer than you unless you play hopscotch on your pedals.....?


It looks pretty cool.


It uses plastic pots cause it's cheap.


Don't punt it and you'll be fine.


As far as sound, well it's got tons of possibilities.


It's basicley a boss sp-4? I forget, but it does 4-8-12, up, down, rise and fall, and step. It can take a tap from it's own switch (press and hold) or you can do a mom switch for tap on the alternate plug or you can do a pedal for speed control.


As far as the sound, well it's good. I can bypass it and not tell a difference. Admitidley I have 10 pedals. Marshal, POG, BOSS, guyatone, etc.......


I lost my golden ears cause they are gay.


{censored} sounds great...I love the 4,8,10,12 step.


the rise fall is cool.


The step is dumb.


And I have no shame.


I will pass this pedal on to my kid before I die.


I would tour with it. Whatever would kill a boss would kill this.


Seriously, what the {censored} are you guys afraid of?


by the way, thanx to all of you for being so entertaining all of the time.

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The main issue is the way the footswitch/battery cover connects to the main part of the pedal with just a flimsy plastic axl. The casing is solid enough but that join is weak.


However, I've had my TU600 for probably nearly a year, and it's been absolutely fine. Not a single issue.

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