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Multi board AC hums?


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I have a GT-6, a homebrew SLO, an american strat, and a bit of annoying hum. I could be wrong but a good amount of the AC hum I'm getting is caused by the board, unless I'm not understanding this stuff correctly. I've asked several people already and they've told me I could have grounding issues with my amp; sure, I get hum when i turn up the gain even when I play with intermediate pickup settings on my strat, but still, there's a fairly significant incremental increase of noise when I add my pedal into the input or FX loop.


So if its the case that my board is noisy, does anyone have a better board to suggest that is more silence-friendly? Are single stomp boxes better than multis regarding this (assuming theyre plugged into the wall - batteries would certainly be quieter)?


On a separate note, is there any easy ways to tell if the amp grounding can be improved significantly?

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