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OT: How to age the body on a guitar


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I want my telecaster to look old. How do I do it?


(this is really only for fun and not on a guitar i actually play)


since i have no job, i figured it may be something to occupy my time. then maybe i can work for fender. haha. not.

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The best thing to do is be patient and wait 20 years or so. Or gig heavily for 10-15 years or so with that same guitar.

    those both take waay too long. Plus, who actually learns to play the guitar anymore? :poke:

    plus i want to mess around with an old guitar to kill time.
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Look at this page...http://www.stevesguitarsite.com/RELIC%20PART%201.html

Or you could...

Take all the plastic and put it in either coffee, used coffee grounds, or Coke for awhile. That will give you that old beat-up, aged look.

Expose it to sunlight and smoke. Use sandpaper or a belt buckle on the areas that your body would come into contact with it. Or use it as target practice for your screwdriver throwing skills.

Take your cable plug and jab it into the body; especially around the input jack area.

Play with car keys attached to a belt loop.

If it has a Maple neck, play with oil-stained fingers.

Always have a light cigarette wedged in the strings, above the nut at all times.

Take all the fragile parts off and drag it behind a bicycle.

Drop it repeatedly.

Bang in to things all the time.

Or you can...

Play the !@#$% out of it and earn those scars. NO CHEATING

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