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new pedal day...yippeeee!


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Hiya all, couldn't keep this to me self!:wave:


Took delivery of my new HBE CPR last night and been roadtesting since.

Excellant piece of kit.

Took me longer to get it out of the box than it took to dial up a playable tone.

This compressor is awesome.......had a Boss CS-3 that biffed out on me while back..took me hours to get a half decent noise out of that piece of !!!! and even then it was pish!


Any sound I want from punchy funky rhythmy typey stuff to silky smooth sustain on lead and nearly zero colourationising.


Also, when you hold at certain angles in the light it sparkles...naughty!

This pedal gets gigged twice this weekend, can't wait!:thu:

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