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Stockholm / Swedish forumites?

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Sorry this is a bit late, I've been away.


If you take the metro to the station "Medborgarplatsen", you have a store called 4Sound just when you get up. They do have a {censored}load of guitars and a nice tryout room where you can play them through some various amps. If you go there on a weekday, it'll probably be empty in there.


There is also the store Jam. They have a special guitar shop on Roslagsgatan 7 (look at a map, or even better www.eniro.se>kartor).


Take a look at www.debaser.se for concerts in the coming week. Debaser is probably the most "indie" venue.


I don't know of that many museums though. If you like art, many people love "Moderna Museet" - the modern museum which is full of modern art.

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