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Adding effects to a delayed signal, suggestions, findings, theories..


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without boring about the set up, DE-7 delay-only signal going into other fx is pretty cool.


here's what i've tried so far.


Pitch Vibrato

Vibratrem 'Vibrato'





Chicken Salad Vibe




my favourite by far is the RotoMachine set to the Vibratone mode on slow rate sweep. because of the nature of the pedal it adds a filter effect aswell as the modulation associated with a slow swirling speaker. sounds amazing.


chorus/phaser/flanger all a bit too obvious and noticeable. i'm not a fan of 80's delays so chorus is def out. :)


Chicken Salad Vibe is ok, it tends to a get a bit too swampy in the rise and fall which muddies the delay. similar to a phaser where the sweep is really audible.


Vibratrem vibrato is not just pitch vibrato, it has some kind of modulation to it aswell (based on a vox amp vibrato apparently), slow rate sounds great. makes the delay like a space echo.. as i've mentioned a few times before.


eq and gain do what they do. not really my idea of making a delay signal interesting.. i'd rather it move a bit especially approaching oscillation.


pitch vibrato.. not sure i get this yet. still working on it. high rates sound like a cheap hooker gargling diarrhea.. not my bag. yet. :freak:


so anyway, those of you with a rotomachine - get it after your delayed signal if you can split it and have a mess around.


what have people tried and liked? are there any delay pedals that have this feature built in? i know there's a keeley modded DD-X ({censored} delay sound to start off with imo) and the Carl Martin Echotone which is great but big bucks. i think its time manufacturers opened this possibility up to us guitar players to add our own effects rather than give us whatever they think will sell (mxr carbon copy et al)

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Hmm, that's interesting. Didn't know the de-7 could do that.

wait... is that the 'dry out'? because my pds 1002 has one of those, and I've never figured out what it is.

So I take it you like the rotomachine? That could be a very interesting pedal, indeed. My cup of tea, methinks.

^envelope filter sounds like it would be AWESOME. :thu:

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yeh, if you use the wet output on a delay pedal and send it through a bunch of effects, and also take the dry out and just mix them back together at some point in your pedalboard, it opens up some great new sounds.


i use a looper or this blend pedal that's made for a whammy.. works a treat..




an LS-2 can do the same thing..

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I own a Dee-layer Delay by BigLoyde (bought via Brian from Indyguitarist), a custom yellow model. It features a loop in which you can put any kind of pedal, and only the delayed signal will be affected.

I only use it with chorus at the moment (which you don't like!), and it adds a nice lofi feeling to it, because I use it at heavy settings.

I would recommend trying it with an octaver, too ;)

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For The Memory Lane 2:

It is possible to patch effects into the delay only path of the Memory Lane 2. In order to do this you will need a common 'insert cable'- this cable has one stereo (TRS) 1/4 plug on one and and 2 mono (TS) 1/4 plugs on the other. The stereo end plugs into the Feedback Expression jack on the left side of the Memory Lane 2 and becomes the in/out of the loop. Any effects can be placed in the loop but at least one of them must have a volume control to control the number of repeats and to prevent the pedal from self oscillating. A volume pedal can also be used. The reason for the need for a volume control in the loop is that it replaces the function of the Feedback control.

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