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Forumite music!

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This is the thread where we promote other forumites bands.

I'll start.

First, we have the (in?)famous Lilu Dallas: punishing tech-metal with ambient interludes, featuring our very own Nitefly.


although broken up, the still own.


Second, we have Love & a Sidearm. Not the biggest fan of the name, but the virtuostic jazz-influenced rock is more than enough to make me forget about it.

I think our forumites name is rinkrat or something.



Thirdly, we have Sri. This band is one of my favourite bands of all time, I'm seriously astounded every single time I hear them. My play count on itunes for their album is even, because every time I hear one song I have to listen to them all. This features, quite cryptically, the forumite Sri. (like what?)



Fourthly, we have Gunsling Birds. Seriously great, haunting, beautiful music, featuring forumite Veil. I really can't wait for his album to come out, I'm buying that {censored} like some {censored} that gets bought really fast.



If you don't have anyones band to share, feel free to share your own, but emphasis is on the others.


forgive me if I've forgotten anyone :wave:


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