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Free vst guitar synths I made!

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These are pretty cool, so I thought I'd share them with other guitarists. Made em in Synthedit, all for free, took me a day each.


They're called Guitar Malfunction and NoiseFeather. You can get them at my box.bet space: http://www.box.net/shared/zgxwxhf0og noisefeather.jpg


Also in my box space, is an octaver, it can do 1, 2, 3, or 4 rectify up, and/or 1,2,3 or 4 down. It's called Octave Factory. The rest of the stuff in there are MIDI synths I made.


Man the icons here are crap! I looked for image, it's an envelope.

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Gonna make me work for it aren't ya


Ok here's the readme's copied and pasted:


Guitar Malfunction says:

This is a monophonic audio triggered synth.


Top right corner, is the signal to pulse train module, which sort of tames the sound, 3 modes there.


Top right ADSR is for the 1st oscillator's filter, next one down is the volume. Modulation depth goes to the oscillator, pitch and resonance to the filter. Fine tune knob and note select create metallic qualities.


Next line down is the 2nd oscillator's stuff.


The choice dropdown box at the right chooses oscillator 1, 2, or both.


The mode dropdown boxes are the signal to pulsetrain modules, which helps tame it. Pos/Neg is usually good, they work alongside the 2 threshold knobs at the bottom, left one is 1st oscillator, right is 2nd. These threshold are dh mingate things, I've set the presets so there's sound but no noise and glitch when you stop.


Noise Feather says:


Noise Feather audio triggered synth.


Top left mode, is signal to pulse train module, I just leave it at pos/neg.


1st oscillator is at the top, top ADSR is filter, next one down is volume. You can select octave, fine tune and individual note. Then just below octave is a choice of math equations, I took math modules and put in different parameters.


Below all that the 2nd oscillator starts, same situation but with different math stuff going on, and the octave selector mostly won't change octaves, rather it just changes the sound, with the 2nd oscillator I find 1 or 2 works the best, while the top oscillator I normally use for -1 or -2 for a heavy sound.


Threshold is the dh mingate module, basically a noise gate. Left one is the 1st top oscillator, right is bottom.


Took me a day to make this one, but it really did take like a FULL day because I tried everything, and until I got into the math modules after pitch to cv and before the oscillator, well that's when the spark was lit. If you like this, why don't you make one and upload it for free? -RunBeerRun

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I figured this might appeal to the Line6 Toneport geeks who have a sequencer and use vst effects. Not so much for the dinosaurs using an 1/8" to 1/4" radio shack adapter to plug into their computer and the high latency onboard audio card, lol.

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