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Which 5 pedals would you choose if. . .


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Someone in a band that you hated sent you out to get them 5 pedals before a show, and you wanted to make it as horribly difficult for them as possible?


I would pick:


Sitar Swami

Frequency Analyser



Black Licorice Distortion

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I'd buy them:

-A bicycle pedal.

-A sewing machine foot pedal.

-A piano pedal.

-A car brake pedal.

-A tuner pedal.

The only way they could get sound out of them would be to mic up each pedal, naturally using the tuner pedal to make sure all were in concert pitch, and then hitting them with spoons rhythmically.

If we're talking about actual pedals, I'd buy them five of those Bob Bradshaw pedal switching things. The gig would be long over by the time they figured out how to work them.

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If they're paying the bill:

1. Zvex SeehWah

2. Zvex FuzzFactory

3. Any Zvex probe

4. Zvex BOR or BOM (really {censored}s with your low end EQ)

5. Anything made by Devi Evers


of course the Zvex would have to be handpainted for added mojo.:thu:

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