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You can keep your vintage Rat (FKR content)


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Apologies to the guys that have already seen this elsewhere ;)


Anyone who loves the Rat probably knows about Dano's Four Knob Rat (FKR). I wanted to have a go at a rat, but don't have the pedalboard space for a big box Rat let alone an FKR, which is the size of a SMM/H


So I built one in a Daphon delay enclosure. I likes it. :love:


Squeezing all the switches and pots in:



{censored}ing crazy tight soldering. My thirst to squeeze a lot of circuit into small boxes has been quenched for the immediate future:



Sanded-down LEDs give an interesting halo effect:


^ the four red LEDs are clipping leds and light up as you play, depending on switch settings.


Finished, except for maybe a "Li'l FKR" label underneath the stompswitch:





Thank {censored} everything worked first time; I would hate to have to try and debug any of that.

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are those wirewound resistors on the outside? WTF.

great job dude that is INSANE.



cheers :thu:


They sure are -- 5w wirewounds from a 60's reel-to-reel I dismantled. I also got over a dozen low leakage Toshiba germanium transistors from that thing, including some with true hFE over 200!


I was going for a Mad Max look. Kinda 80's junkyard steampunk thing :p

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Thank ye gents. I've got the place to myself tonight and plan on combining this pedal, a fat joint and the 15" cab I scored on the weekend for about 4 hours of "what happens when I flick this switch to here... turn this knob... *strum strum* Woooo!"


There are a LOT of sonic options in an FKR :rawk:

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