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Who is your favourite bassist?


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Most underrated bass player; that dude from Faith No More, whatever his name is.

MARK KING from Level 42. Just YOUTUBE some and see him slapping that bitchy bassguitar like a depraved spank-slut while singing about love and all..

Let's not forget Flea...

Guess i like "Slappers"

Some of the name's mentioned on this post really make no sense. Bassplayers aren't good just because they play with good musicians and you fancy their ass?!? Most of the time they are lesser guitarists who are friends of the band and are easily replaced by the guy at the burger king, especially in metal. There are few GOOD bass players

+1 all around, you just forgot Victor Wooten :thu:

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John Entwistle

John Paul Jones

Paul McCartney

Jack Bruce

Chris Squire

Geddy Lee




Jeff, you always make these threads so easy for me. I'll see your Entwistle, Jones, Macca, Bruce, Squire & Lee and raise you:


Mars Cowling

Phil Lynott

Steve Harris

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T.J. Harrison of Lovecup and Glifted

Greg Edwards of Failure

Matt Lukin of Mudhoney and Melvins

Chris Brady of Pond

Matt Talbott of Honcho Overload

Jeff Dimpsey of Hum

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

I believe Krist Novoselic was an underrated, critical ingredient to Nirvana

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Lots of great ones but stand out in my old mind:

Chris Squire - total go for it bass player

Mike Rutherford - not only the avoid-the-downbeat monotone pedal of Apocolypse in 9/8 and the fuzz goodness of the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but he becomes the funk master on Invisible Touch

Geddy Lee - part of Rush's answer to the odd-meter metal I always wanted

John Wetton (King Crimson) - total crunching player of doom

Tony Levin - awesome obviously but I still would have had to cut were it not for the Bruford-Levin reunion jamsolo during the ABWH show being so badass

Brian Beattie of Glass Eye - killer alt/funk/fretless/SilvertoneFuzz ;) player and some awesome tunez

Joe Macre of Crack the Sky - the other answer to the odd-meter metal I always wanted

but also must mention dudes in cynic, death, voivod, even eric johnson

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