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Old School HCFXers : Who's left?


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Aye remember back in 99 when I posted as captain coconut "not the effect by foxrox which I was not familiure with as of said date, just a fan of Jimi" submitting a review of an altered/mod'd' sd-9 by ykw, disappeared and the rot in D'mark, got more pungent...

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Still cruise thru the Spam thread like fellow gear slut Olle but don't post anymore. Finally took a breath from gigging all the time to return to the studio and finally get a chance to see what all these shiny metal boxes can do in there too and get back to where I belong creating my own music. I am thoroughly enjoying spending all of the band's time creating music - we're having a blast! <BR /><BR />Some of my other pastimes, like posting here, had to go in favor of completing some life long music goals. We're having FUN and that is what this was supposed to be all about from the beginning of my musical journey 42 years ago. I feel like I'm completing a circle and it feels real good. <BR /><BR />Thanks to everyone on here for the almost 8 years I've been posting for all the great advice, the tonal warfare beyond my wildest dreams, and all the great discussions - many of you have truly been the catalyst for me to get back to my own music by sharing yours with me. There's some great musicians in here and I've learned alot from all of you old schoolers :cool:<BR /><BR />I miss some of the real Old Schoolers like Wouter, Idlewilde, MoreGuitars, and too many others to remember. Rock on Brad and let me know when ya get some BjF in stock :)<BR /><BR />:rawk::wave:


Hello my Brother from another Mother...sending good vibes your way. Rock on!

Its been years since I have stopped by...I miss the old gang...even back before the big reset.

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