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Took a couple new ones in from the post yesterday and today. i'll start with yesterday





Then today the mailman gave me these


DM-4 def. not a mainstay, but for the price i couldn't pass it up. As i'm going through some major renovation on the board this will hold up in the dist/OD dept. will prob. either flip it eventually or put it on a bass board



also a Whammy iv. this thing has already given me great fun. i cant wait to figure out how to incorporate it into real band situations, probably ontop of swells and stuff



still waiting for a few more jems that are still in the mail. too bad tomorrows sunday..no post:cry:

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Rod, you gearslut...whatcha doin here...dont you have a gig to go to??

Hey, buried about 2 pages back is my Aria Jet Phaser thread....with zero responses. Really, for under a hundred, you can cop every Rolans AP-7
lick in the book. Damn this thing is fun.

So, is "X" gonna be back up? I think we need to pay Unka Dig better.

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