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Oh No Not another Wah thread


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I gave my modded Crybaby (my backup) to my wifes 14 year old 2nd cousin.:)

a fairly new Guitarist said he wanted a Wah pedal and it had to be a Crybaby.

So I thought I would make his day and present it to him when I went to Pa. last month.:idea: I lugged it from Florida to Pittsburgh and gave it to him all excited for him. True Bypass, fasel, vocal mod w a purple LED!:eek: Well let me tell You, the excitement was all mine. He was less than thrilled and I dont think even Thanked me.:facepalm:

I guess I'm just supposed to feel good for giving and not feel cheated out of the Wow this is great! and I cant believe You gave this to me,Thanks.:rolleyes:


So with all thats happened to me in the past few weeks. I thought I would replace my backup with the new Ernie Ball Wah.:)


Now the excitements mine again:eek: MF 30 day trial if needed.

Expected by friday reviews to follow:thu:


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Teenagers are always weird. Don't worry about the thank yous, you did a good thing, and I'm sure he'll appreciate it down the road.



Great observation for kids in general, and sometimes adults as well. That being said, I've learned that ''because it doesn't look like what's in the catalog/ magazine '' has a lot to do with it too. It doesn't matter that the one you gave him probably sounds better than one he might have bought at GC. Experience will make it obvious in the long run. Have fun with the EB, the clip sounds good.

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