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Behringer Tweakalizer?

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Hey, I was just looking on Behringer's website and notice this thing called the tweakalizer. Now it's meant to be used as a DJ tool, but I was thinking, could I run my keyboard through it for live use? It's got tap tempo, a sampler, filters, delay, and flanger + EQ. I mean, doesn't that sound like it could work pretty sickly with synths and stuff?


I was wondering if anyone has owned one before, and what they think of it. Can you use it as a keyboard or guitar effect??? Do you think it would be usable live for possibly looping stuff? (it also has reverse playback) I actually think it looks pretty cool, but would like to hear some more educated opinions on how useful you guys think it could be.


Here's a link: http://www.behringer.com/DFX69/?lang=ENG



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