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hi phil, what's the vibro-chorus mod? what does it do? and who mods it?



It's a added switch / circuit change / addition that allows you to switch the direct signal in and out of the effected output signal, thus switching between chorus (delayed / pitch modulated signal + dry signal) and vibrato (pitch modulation only) modes. It makes it similar to a VB2 without a latch mode option, but gives you the ability to go back to the stock chorus sound at the flick of a switch.


I've seen circuits online, and it would be a fairly simple job to do... (here's one DIY link), but I really don't have the time or inclination to do that right now... I just recently redid my whole mod / delay board, and now I'm working on the studio and working IN the studio, and trying to catch up on a whole bunch of writing that I'm way behind on... so I am going to send mine to PedalDoctor FX for the mod. I'm not sure if their mod is exactly like the ones you can find on the web, but it's only $50, they seem like good people, and I can concentrate on other things. :) You can check out their website here; they've got clips of the mod up, and here's their HC user review page on the mod - it got a 9.7 overall.


I'm feeling pretty good about it, but I'll let you know how I actually like it once I get it done. :)

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I've got four Boss pedals on my boards right now - a PS-5, a silver screw CE-2 (soon to be sent in for a Vibro-Chorus mod), a PH-1r and a PN-2.



What about your PS-5 Phil ? I got one recently and I'm quite underwelmed by it. I'm interested in playing with the pitch shift side of it (3/5/7th above and octave above) but it sounds quite sterile.

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