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So I'm loading up on the effects, and I'm the first to admit my setup is a little excessive on the outside, but, oh, on the inside it's pure yumminess. Anyway I have a Gator GPT-Pro, which allows for about 16 pedals, if fitted correctly, etc, but I'm on the verge of about 20 moving on up (:facepalm:). And yes I use them all (I don't play the regular chorus-verse-chorus huck yuck). I really like the Gator setup, or I've become very used to it, so I'm thinking of a regular GPT which I think fits 5-8 if I'm correct.


This is going to cause headaches as it's two boards, so I'm wondering if there's another option with the ability of transportation. I was also thinking of creating a little something with like a shelf to sit slightly beneath the bottom of my current angled board, but I'm not sure how I would transport and that might get in the way of things, like Whammy or Wah. Anyway suggestions? Thanks.


Edit: I hijacked a 10.5x28 piece of wood, which I think will work, like 12-14 Boss pedals. But I'm not sure how I'd transport. Ideas?

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