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Steve on Tender Surrender.
The albums' closing instrumental is the epic 'Tender Surrender'. 'That song is a cross between Wes Montgomery, Jimi's 'Villanova Junction' from Woodstock, Santana's 'Europa' and 'Call It Sleep'. I don't claim to be original, by the way! In that song I hit that guitar as gently and as tenderly as I possibly can and also as brutally as I can - there's parts where I'm just banging on it. And there's lots of volume control manipulation in that song.

'A lot of the solo was improvised - I just went for it and then maybe would go back and fix little pieces. I'm not a one take guy - I sit and agonize a lot over parts. I usually work something out, get an idea of where I want to go with it and then just play it until it has all the right little nuances that make me happy. I like 'Tender Surrender' - it's kind of bluesy - but in the future I'd like to do things with a little more harmonic experimentation. 'Tender Surrender' is a very straight ahead song but I like something with a little more cayenne pepper.'

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