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n the UK want a brand new space station?


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Ooh, aren't we a punk rocker!

Nothing wrong with spotting something as a potential investment.



not really punk rocker mate....

but because this is an investment to some people I cannot buy me a VB2 or a XP300... let alone tehz vintage guitarzzzzzzz

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yeah! if you do it with a vocal sample it goes all Barry White and then just smooshes to a stand still and starts to fade in like an alien language

another cool effect is the "alien pixellator" and "alien ring mod" the "alien" denoting the effect is modulated ... then run through some modulation for supper trippy mushy noise

oh and i love the resonator set to about half mix coupled with some transparent overdrive for really wrong sounding(in a good way) chord work

oh and the arpegiated delay are similar to the ps-3 but sound as if there from a dark bit from a b movie soundrack

i should make some samples of its more practical uses


Just please stop right there.


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