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How many pedals do you own?

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Just because I'm curious. Rack gear not included, amp switching pedals also not included, strictly pedals only. Feel free to list them. If you feel so inclined, when you list them, if you want to split them into 'boutique' and 'non-boutique' pedals then go ahead. I'm interested to see what forumites would consider boutique and what they'd consider to be more mass-market pedals.


I've got six pedals.




Paul Cochrane Tim

Skreddy Screwdriver

Diamond Compressor

Diamond Fireburst




EHX LPB 2ube

Arion SCH-1

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Fulldrive 2



Fuzz Factory









Monkey TB loop

Monkey AB

EH Switchblade

Toadworks Roundabout


My board consists of the


Klon EH AB LPB1 and Echotap


Everything else is for fun or backup. I prefer the KOT or the FD2 for single coils. The Blackstone is great with a clean amp. I've sort of collected switching options.

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EQD Hoof Fuzz

Monsterpiece NPN

Monsterpiece MKII

OLC Chunky Cheese



Boss OD-3

Boss DD-3 MIJ

ProCo Rat (1985 sm. box "blackface"))

Sovtek Green Russian Big Muff Pi

EHX SmStone

EHX SmClone

Ibanez DE7

Ernie Ball VPJr.

Korg DT-10

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Tortuga Neptune Vibe (due Tuesday)

Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz (due Tuesday)

Skreddy Top Fuel (due in August)



OCD v.3

Skreddy Screwdriver


Boss GE-7 (sniper mod)

Boss TR-2 (Keeley mod)

Xotic RC

Hartman Flanger

Kaden Pavo Boost

Analogman Bi-Comp

DLS Echotap

Analogman Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Morley Bad Horsie

MXR EVH Phase-90

MXR Carbon Copy

ISP Decimator (2)

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I think there's almost 50 now, I've really got to get around to selling some stuff. I don't know what is considered boutique or not as it's pretty much open to interpretation. This is probably the main contenders:


Catalinbread Super Chilli Picoso

DLS EchoTap

Fulltone Fat Boost 2

Fulltone OCD

HAO Sole Pressure

Hermida Zendrive

Jacques Meistersinger

MI Audio Blues Boy Deluxe

MI Audio Crunch Box

MI Audio Tube Zone

Retro Sonic Phaser

Skreddy Pink Flesh


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On my board:


Big brands:

Boss FV500

Boss OC-2

Digitech Synth Wah

Boss CH-1

Boss DD-3

Boss RC-2


Boutique or whatever you want to call it:

Vexter Fuzz Factory

Machine (clone)

Cmatmods Signa Comp

ZVex Wah Probe

Tone Factor Analog Filter

Red Witch Moon Phaser

T-Rex M

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18 at the moment :facepalm:



Dod Octoplus

Dod Punkifier

MXR script distortion+

Dod Chrous

EHX Big Muff

Dod Flanger

Digitech xp-100 Whammy Wah

Dod Thrash Master

Ken Multi parametric EQ

Dod Overdrive


Dod Classic Fuzz

Boss OS-2

Dod Hard Rock Distortion


Dod Bi-fet Preamp

Line 6 tap tremolo

Dod Phaser



not included:

Behringer Acoustic DI preamp

Boss FS-5U

Red Onion double loop switcher

Ibanez LU10 tuner

Korg Ampworks modelling recording thing

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Umm let me see


MXR Dyna Comp

Jaylo RX Drive (before I renamed that series to Pyro Drive to avoid name issues)

Modded Boss SD-1

MXR Dist +

EHX/ Sovtek Green Big Muff

Modded Boss DS-1

EHX Small Stone

EHX Stereo Pulsar

Danelectro Reel Echo

Boss DD-20 w/ Jaylo Control Freak Tap Tempo

DOD FX40B 7 Band EQ


Not Currently on Board:

Ross Analog Stereo Delay

Jaylo Switchstation A/B Switch (adding Y circuit to it)

DOD Stereo Phaser

Ibanez CS5 Chorus


So currently 15, but I'm giving the DOD Phaser and Ibanez Chorus to my brother who is starting his own pedal collection. Then I am buying/ trading for


EHX Small Clone (Buying)

EHX Stereo Electric Mistress (trading for)

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal


Then I am building:

Arbitor Fuzz/ Octavia in one case

Ring Mod, a la Green Ringer

BYOC Wah (maybe)

Possibly an Envelope Filter or something else cool

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