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NPD (My first Boss Pedal!--Imagine That)


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I've been planning to get a Space Echo for a while, but today I just had a gas attack and basically scrounged around the homestead and found {censored} I could trade in to get some cash. I had a pretty good mixer and vox mic and took my DE7 down to the shop as well and got a pretty good dealy on a new RE-20.


Excuse the {censored}ty photo quality, only had the cell phone available, but it's not like these are rare, anyway:




I really love it a lot, I've played it many many times in the shop, but it sounds so sick with the rest of my rig, and the tap tempo is really what makes it for me along with the obvious stuff. It's gonna be schweet with a expression pedal. I think I'll miss my DE7, but I was getting frustrated with it near the end, and this def solved the problems.

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