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Need help fixing an EX-1 Expression Pedal


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I bought my DL4 when they where inlcuding free EX-1s with purchase and ever since i got it the sweep sucked and it would wig out on me after a while of use; i would set the toe position at the value i wanted, and after like 4 sweeps the value would automatically reduce, i tried it on both a DL4 and an FM4.


Anyway, i opened it up and everything is in order (not like theres allot to the pedal) so i suppose its a faulty pot. The line 6 website says these use 10K pots, this one is 20K for some reason, maybe that has something to do with it. In any case i want to replace the pot but am having trouble finding a replacement.

Heres the stock pot:



The shaft is about 2cm long and has a very small turning radius


I need one with the same shape so that it fits with the sweeping mechanism, but with a 10k value. Any help is aprecciated


Thanks in advance

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