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The Thomas Organ Myth : Sepulveda vs. Chicago?


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I used to think there was absolutely no difference between the two. I've owned about four of these different wahs in my lifetime of playing guitar.


I finally have two side by side, one chicago and one sepulveda. I bought the sepulveda because my "old" chicago broke. Then I bought the "new" chicago because it was modded true bypass and had an adapter jack built in.


When I first got my Sepulveda I was floored. Then I got my Chicago version and I was floored as well - but in a different way.


For 2-3 weeks now off and on I've been trying to decide which one is better so I can get rid of one of them. I can't decide which one I like better. I will say however that I have pinpointed the characteristics of each of them so here's a few of the differences.


The Chicago is a more unique sounding wah and it has a very watery type of sound. For some reason I'm sometimes reminded of a phaser when I play with it. The sweep is limited but the "sweet spot" is easier to find and if you just rock a tiny bit within that sweet spot you can get a pretty nice watery wah tone. I find this one to be more of a creative wah pedal in that it doesn't sound like hardly anything else (except for Voodoo Chili) and you can get some original tones out of it. My initial impression with this Chicago wah is that it sounds a bit less pro than the Sepulveda but the originality more than makes up for it.


The Sepulveda has a much broader sweep and sounds a little dryer than the Chicago. The range is amazing though and goes from almost completely void of tone to a sharp, piercing cry. I find this to be more of a "standardized" wah, something you'd hear on a recording or so. My initial impression with this one is that it sounds professional in comparison to the Chicago.


So anyways, I know that there's a lot of flack between the two and I just wanted to share my findings.

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