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Boss pedals, way to defeat auto-on when turning power on?


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Hi Guys - regarding the auto-switch on of Boss pedals when connected to power, it's official, it's just how they work. I got this reply from Roland Corporation:

5 Oct 2021, 02:04 GMT-7

 Hi Philip,

 Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that you are considering returning the OC-5. Please rest assured, that there is nothing wrong with your pedal, this is just how it functions.

 Many of the pedals in the BOSS compact range switch on automatically when connected. I appreciate this may be a little inconvenient to your needs. I can only apologise for this.

 Kind regards


Roland Customer Support


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This is in response to all those asking  "why the heck does it matter?"

It matters because if you are using a large pedal array which contains some of the boss units that "auto-on" (also some older DOD units do this too BTW), and have your series of pedals dialed in and activated/stacked how you like them, and you lose power or shut down the board, it actually is a pain in the neck to have to switch off all the pedals you weren't using for that session just to get back to your starting place.

•Imagine if every time you turned on your guitar amp, the reverb button self activated, even though you'd switched it off.

If you are a pedal person, and use a pedal array, having a bunch of pedals that self activate upon start up really is annoying. If you're using one or two pedals, I agree, not big deal. But it sucks to have to toe click a half dozen pedals before you can  jam. The Metal Zone does this too, and if you forget that its on automatically you'll get blasted sometimes.




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Old thread, but still a present topic. Boy, there are some real nice people that have commented on here. If it's not an issue for you, that's great! All you have to do is say, No, there is no way to change the on default function and move on. People asking this question couldn't give 2 {censored}s if you have a problem with it. KInda tells me all I need to know about your reading comprehension skills. I went back just to make sure and the topic is not  What are your thoughts on the auto on default on Boss pedals. Not one person has read your stupid demeaning comments and thought, yeah, you're right. I need to completely change what I would like out of a pedal because horse-ass made a solid point. I never will understand why people in the guitar community have to be such pricks. I do not like having to turn my reverb off everytime my pedalboard powers up. If not all Boss pedals default to on, there should be a way to change that function. It would be nice if they had a dip switch so you could set up certain pedals to default to on or off upon powering them up. I have had several instances where my board momentarily lost power during a gig. Being able to set up your own default would be quite nice. 

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I kept getting the power turning on my compressor & the surge that it got, blew the compressor up. I was using a boss D120 power supply. I tried pulling the cables out of the unit, but the power still surged & lit up all the LEDs, overload. Don't know how to remedy this. 

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