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Crazy/Cool/Unusual Strat Electronic Mods

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On my Squire Strat I've already done the usual.


It has a phase switch on the neck pup, series parallel switching, a killswitch, bridge pup add-in switch, and I moved the 2nd tone knob to control the bridge.


Is there anything else I can do to it or is this pretty much it?


I figured I'd post this here as well since there are a lot of DIY'ers on HCFX

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How's bridge in series with neck? I want clips.


I haven't strung up the guitar yet. I'm gonna wait and see if there is anything else I could do. But right now the bridge is only set up to run in series with the middle pickup anyways. However I suppose I could run the mid and bridge in series with the bridge pup add-in switch while still having the neck pickup selected. All three pickups will be selected but i'm not sure if that will all be in series. I'll have to experiment.

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