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do you love/hate ehx


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i've sold every EHX pedal i've ever owned.

big muff russian

big muf NY

double muff


clone theory


flanger hoax

graphic fuzz

holier grail



they never had he mojo i expected from them.

but i'll keep trying them, and i'll keep buying em here and there cause new pedals are always fun.

they're in the same category as BOSS.

in 2012 doesn't EHX make more models then BOSS ?

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i have:


big muff, ca. 2007

deluxe electric mistress

big box holy grail


they're kind of the classics of ehx, haven't had experience with their newer offerings, but i see myself getting an english muff'n in the future. also an old dmm if i come across one for reasonable money.

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I've owned a lot of EHX stuff, i dont think its great but its very workman like, they do a pedal for every purpose and keep trying to push the envelope of what they do, but i usually find they're just not for me.


The other guitarist in my band uses the Octave Multiplexer and it sounds great, when i played it though it sounded crap!

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They not only make my favorite effect of all time (Bass Micro Synthesizer), but I've owned most of their catalog over the years. Creative, useful, great sounding boxes.


Own or owned:


HOG Guitar Synthesizer

NYC Big Muff (RI)

Small Clone (RI)

Bass Big Muff

Bass Micro Synthesizer (XO)

Bass Micro Synthesizer (1981)

Bass Micro Synthesizer (RI)

Stereo Pulsar (XO)

LPB-1 (Nano)

Bassballs (RI)

Bassballs (1980s)

Deluxe Octave Multiplexer (1980s)

Steel Leather (Nano)

Holiest Grail

Bass Metaphors

Double Muff

Stereo Polychorus

Big Muff (Sovtek, Black, Same enclosure as green)

Ring Thing

Flanger Hoax

Memory Boy


If I only had money, I would never have sold the Holiest Grail, Polychorus, Deluxe Octave Multiplexer, or vintage Bass Micro Synthesizer :(

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A lot of good ideas and unique effects. I don't get why they don't take things a little further sometimes - having a trails option for the cathedral for instance would have made it quite a winner.

Mike matthews should be put in a home.

Where is the HOG 2 EHX?

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