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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 07-01-09

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Vexter Fuzz Factory - Velcro good condition, no box - $120 shipped Gone!


Retro-Sonic Compressor V.1 - Velcro. Again pretty sure I have the box - make me an offer... not really sure what these are going for...


Boss DD-6 - Cosmetically not perfect. Dings and whatnot (relic'd!!;) ). Can still read everything and still fully functional. The screw to open the battery compartment is in need of replacement... never got around to it because I use a power supply so it all works out. It's a pain to open though. Not really sure what to ask... make me an offer.


I'd love to trade. Try me for anything. I'm really looking for Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker, heavy overdrive, light overdrive, DD-7, stereo electric mistress, cheap wah, Hellatone 60 speaker, Pork Loin... try me.



This is a 98 or 99 Goldtop Orville Les Paul. Orville is Gibson's equivalent to Fender Japan. Gibson's but made in Japan. Orville comes from the founder of Gibson's first name, Orville Gibson. It has a goldtop finish, 50's Neck and a year or two ago I put Motorcity "Detroiter" Pickups in it (PAF's handwound). This guitar is absolutely beautiful and included is the case. There are some minor dings I try to point out in the pictures, though none of them are too bad. The frets have some wear that I also try to outline in the pictures. It plays like butter and the sound is incredible. The pick guard is included but the screw hole by the neck pickup looks like someone misread where to put it and there's another hole with some finish missing (see pictures). If you have any questions please ask. I hate to sell this beautiful guitar but times are forcing me too. I am being as honest as I can about the guitar and tried to take as detailed pictures as I could. I am more of a player and am not incredibly knowledgeable on the nit-picky things, therefore the guitar is sold as is. Looking for 900 shipped and insured. Thank you for looking.




Pictures at: http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk91/gschmittling/Orville%20Les%20Paul/


Only trade I'd be interested in is a partial trade for a Cube 60 or Ampeg Jet (or similar). Prefer to sell it for cash though.

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Selling off some stuff to pay for a Ceriatone Jubilee. Prices include shipping/Paypal fees. As for trades, I'm only really interested in a Maxon PH350, Whetstone, Polychorus, or a Cusack Screamer Fuzz.




Lovepedal Death of a Vox

Bought this on impulse, and it's just not my thing. Also cosmetically flawless. $200






Aramat Green Machine

I used this as my main dirt for awhile, and it smokes every other TS type I've ever tried. It's compressed but at the same time crystal clear. In a way I don't want to see this go. $175






Vintage Small Stone

This is the first graphic EH made for these. I picked this up about 5 years ago and never looked back. The pots date it to the first year or two of production, but I can't remember off hand which year that is. I looked that up way back when I first got it. The sweep on it is extremely wah-like and vocal. It gets some really great ring mod type noise action at high levels. I've noticed over the years that every SS is different, and this has been my favorite for a long time. I've just decided to switch to something more modern with more options (see my trade wants up top). The new owner of this baby will not be disappointed. $120






Fulltone 69 Clone

The name of the builder escapes me, but this was done by a member over at Haunting Mids. Sounds great, just like the original. I've just decided fuzz is something I don't absolutely need, so off she goes. $120







DOD FX80B Compressor

This was one of those "always on" pedals for me forever. The compression is almost nonexistent but the sustain and boost are incredible. I've since found a little more options with the same great sparkle from the Diamond Comp so I've gone with that. I still use one of these for my Rhodes, but a second one just isn't necessary now. $45






WGS Veteran 30

No pic at the moment, but you probably know what these look like. New condition. 16 Ohms, a little solder residue on the tabs. Sounds great. $45

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Each $160 shipped, both for $275 inc. a free gigbag.
Tanara has very slight wear on the body (some small paint flakes around the rar edge/rim, and no whammy bar). My Stagg bass looks just like the one pictured, except it just has 1 vol/1 tone, dirty pots, and a flawlesss maple fretboard.


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For Sale: Blackheart Little Giant 112 Combo. 5 watt tube combo... includes all original paperwork and ships in the original box. Great little amp.


$260 shipped via UPS Ground. (would trade for a Spring Chicken+cash)






For more photos or info, feel free to pm me.

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for a Boss DD2 or an early DD3 made with the same chip as the DD2.


Here's some info. from bossarea.com about the differences between early DD3s and later DD3s:

The first version was released 1986 but it was redisigned with a new DSP gate array chip December 1990. The new version was called DD-3A. The DC socket was at the same time replaced with the smaller PCB mounted type and this can be used to identify the version. The design change happened before production was moved from Japan to Taiwan so all DD-3s made in Taiwan are DD-3A or DD-3B versions.


And some more info. from Analog Man:


The DD2 and older DD3 pedals used an awesome chip from the high end Roland rack delay units ... The current DD3 uses a newer delay chip, smaller square version, and may not sound QUITE as good as the older ones. The older ones had a large chip inside with 2 rows of legs, it goes all the way across the circuit board! The newer ones have a newfangled square delay chip with surface mounted legs on all four sides.


Here's the picture of the older chip:




You can also use the Boss Serial Number Decoder to find out when your DD3 was made. DD3s produced between August, 1986 and November 1990 will have the original, large chip.


Serial Number Decoder


Also looking for a used Analog Man compressor (the small, three-knob type) and a used Keeley-modded Boss BD2.

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Digitech PDS 1002 Delay - $125 OBO. really excellent condition, trim pots haven't been messed with, no footswitch problems, etc. lee ronaldo mojo!


Danelectro Wasabi Overdrive - $45. OD + Clean Boost in one pedal.


MIJ Ibanez CS-9 Chorus - sold!


Alesis ModFX Philtre - $110 OBO. Easily my favorite pedal. Can do an amazing amount of sweet filter-y goodness. Seriously. Just read the freaking manual. It can do anything. Selling because of insane GAS/need for cash. I ALSO have the alesis power supply for it... had to buy that for $20 off some website. Mint condition with box/manuals.


Danelectro Fish & Chips Equalizer - sold!


DOD 280 Compressor (modded) - sold!


Tech 21 Liverpool (not pictured) - $130. Absolutely MINT condition with all box and manuals.


Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal (not pictured) - $50. Works perfectly.


TC Electronic Sustain + Parametric EQ (not pictured) (older version) - $225. works perfectly, recently had the output jack replaced. There is one on ebay for $250, one for $300. Best offer gets it.


80's MXR Distortion + - $60. Has LED, different knobs.


Interested in:


Blackstar HT-Dual

Barber Tone Press/Direct Drive/Super Sport/Small Fry

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive

MXR Micro Amp

Expression Pedal of some kind

Try me!


I've also got a danelectro fab echo/ehx small stone I can throw in for a trade. Unforunately for the pedals not pictured I can't get any pictures of them since my mother (on a week long trip) took the camera :facepalm:. I could get you a pic in like a week. Thanks!

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hey guys,



-used Tech 21 Sansamp California

-used non-XO EHX Q-Tron

-used Korg Pitchblack (will only trade a TU-2 for it)

-used EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress (not the XO one)



-Boss TU-2 for trade only (wanting Pitchblack)

-EHX Metal Muff less than a year mint condition still have original box and paper work for trade (see wut I want ^ ) or $75

-Non working DOD Supra Distortion (it bypasses fine but when turned on produces not effect) $15

-fully functional vintage Boss RV-2 JAPANESE MODEL not sure what to sell this one for some say its worth alot



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for sale.


semaphore. $145 shipped

dunlop ts1 stereo trem/pan. $90 shipped

ibanez pt9 phaser. vintage. $115 shipped

boss bf2 flanger. $50 shipped

boss hm2. mit. $50 shipped.



way huge

vex machine, bor, fuzz factory....





01 Custom 22

with custom order semi hollow/chambered option.


purchased from Dave's in 03'.



- Black

- Birds

- Wide Fat

- JUST setup with 11s

- Trem frozen for tuning issues, easily reversible.

- with Ohsc

- pretty good condish. 8/10. some scuffs and bumps, nothing serious.


no trades.

$1550 shipped.




no trades please.

plenty of references.

ebay: gregovertone (100%)

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Fulltone OCD #357(V1 converted to V3) in box $145 shipped/paypalled


Analogman Peppermint Fuzz(with on/off pot) $165 shipped/paypalled


Xotic RC Booster in box $135 shipped/paypalled


HBE Dos Mos booster $Sold


EHX Stereo Pulsar Tremolo $58 shipped/paypalled


Ronsound Triangle Big Muff Clone $87 shipped/paypalled


MXR Dynacomp Compressor(monte allums mod/super bright led) $60 shipped/paypalled




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PLEASE SELL ME WHILE I HAVE THE MONEY AND BEFORE I BLOW IT ON SOMETHING STUPID! SubdecayPrometheus, Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES) would perfer the superdelay over anything, i dont have the money for all three :(

SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)

SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)

SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)

SELL ME Subdecay Prometheus, Empress Superdelay or a Gibson SG (NOT A FADED SERIES)

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BBE Green Screamer - $67 Shipped

Comes with box. Bought new early last year, gigged several times, works fine. Velcro on bottom.







Boss TU-2 - $55 shipped


Bought new in 2007. Gigged several times, works fine. Velcro on bottom.



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RC20XL has Boss power supply, but no box or manual: $165 shipped


Boss OD-3, Minty in box w/papers, $65 shipped


Orange Crush 30r: Original box, manual, etc. Original power cord was wimpy, so I'll send a nicer one with it: $150 shipped





Danelectro Sitar Swami

Other cheap, crappy modulation effects.

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FT: Alesis Bitrman w/ power supply, a little cosmetic wear on the knobs, and some scratching on the bottom edge, but otherwise very clean.


Just got it, but it's not going to work out with my rig (my amp is way too bright and clean for it). Want to trade for something unusual/uncommon/under the radar (preferably somewhat tweakable), cash going in either direction if necessary.


Vintage stuff, especially modulation (ADA Flanger, etc...)

Electrix Filter & Warp Factory

Digitech Talker

Barge Concepts Grinder

WMD Geiger Counter & Fat Man

Moog Freqbox, Ring Mod, or any other Moogs except the Phaser (already have it)

Jacques Prisoner, Trinity, Meistersinger?

EHX tube pedals, Stereo Polyphase, DMM

Ibanez HD1500 and 99 series, Flying Pan RI

Filters, synthy pieces in general

Cusack Tap-A-Phase

Chunk Systems 00-Funk & Brown Dog

NVN Skyripper, maybe Dino Fuzz?

pre-OLL Truly Beautiful Disaster and Blackbox pedals (nothing against OLL, just don't care for their graphics, really)

Quality delays?

Possibly RMC3 or other highly tweakable "boutique" wah (no Fulltones)?

Maxon Jet Riser

FuzzHugger AB-Synth (preferably painted and/or an unusual graphic)

4MS stuff


Hey, I dunno, try me.


Will consider selling, too, but want to try to trade first.

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1979 A/DA Flanger $375 shipped


EHX Stereo Memory Man with adapter $100 shipped


EHX Little Big Muff with box & papers $40 shipped


EHX Small Clone with box and papers $60 shipped

trying for cash, but will probably take trades as long as I need it. The things that interest me most are:


EHX Polyflange

Fulltone '70

BK Butler Tube Driver



Korg MicroKorg

Fulltone OCD

Foxx Fuzz Wah Volume

don't be scared to try me!!!

Paypal/US only!

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