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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 11-10-09

Phil O'Keefe

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Red Witch Fuzz God I :great pedal, in perfect condition except the led that is fried. It is the first version of this pedal chromed and with a GE transisitor instead the SI of the newer. It comes with its box,sheet and pouch. A little demo for you:


Trade I'm interested in +/- cash:
Wattson Fuzz
Blackout Effectors Dual Fuzz/Twosome
Blackout Musket/Fix'd
Foxrox Octron
Skreddy Screwdriver
Red Witch Fuzz God II
Colorsound Tonebender
Colorosound Power Booster
Throbak Stone Bender
Throbak Power Boost
Hartman Tommy Bolin Fuzz
Or make me an offer!

T-Rex Reptile Delay
That's a digital delay but it sound like a tape-echo. 1 sec of delay time plus a footswitch for engage/disengage modulation on-the-fly and external knobs for speed and depth of modulation. In perfect condition, except velcro, comes with its box and sheet.
For those who haven't ever heard of it:


Trade I'm interested in +/- cash:
Skreddy Echo
TC Nova Delay
TC Nova Repeater
or others

TC Jauernig Atomic- Fet Boy
This is a clean/dirt boost no longer made by Tc Jauernig. Very intuitive control: level and tone, plus a switch called "shift".
The tone is different from usual pedals: in counter clockwise position it is brightest while moving clockwise roll off a bit of the highs and introduces the bass. With the switch in downward position it is clean, in the upward position it becomes dirt. For this I don't have neither the box or the sheet. It has some chip in the paint and is velcro'd but apart this is perfect!


If you're interested in buying any of them shoot me an offer and we'll talk!
I'd trade all of them for a Superdelay!!
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After finding a two channel O/D and my love/hate relationship with the Swollen Pickle turning back to love, I am ready to move these.


Way Huge Pork Loin $125 shipped in box

Sonic VI Champion Fuzz Unit #39 (only 50 or so have been made so far with no for sure plans for more announced at this time. This is based on the same pedal as Edwyn Collins uses on "A Girl Like You") $140 shipped in box

Fulltone OCD V1.4 $115 shipped


All pedals in good condition, the Pork Loin and Sonic VI have velcro on them.

Not looking for trades.




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Xotic AC booster $130

Phoenix custom electronics Supernova $125

Foxrox Zim overdrive $165

Ibanez Jemini Distortion $145

Line 6 echo Park $100

Zvex Seek trem (w/ Myrold graphics) $245

Demeter Fuzzulator (Like new except for small scuff on top of pedal) $135

Line 6 FM4 Filter Modeller Pedal $170

Electro-Harmonix No. 1 Echo $55

Seymour Duncan Tweak fuzz $70

Seymour Duncan Twin Tube classic $150

EarthQuaker Devices Pulse Machine $90

EH Stereo Electric Mistress $70

Lovepedal Gold Dragon $110

Lovepedal Eternity E6 Orange $140

Carl Martin Quattro (discrete Analog Multi-effect unit, Rare tremolo version) $395

Cusack Tap-a-whirl $170

MXR Custom shop GT-OD overdrive $75

Visual Sound H2O Chorus Echo $90

Danelectro Reel-Echo $80

Maxon OSD-9 Overdrive/Soft Distortion $115

Toadworks Meat Dual boost $70

Carl Martin Boost Kick $95

Vox Bulldog Distortion (tube and double footswitch) $105

Maxon AD9Pro Analog delay $195

DLS EchoTap $180

DLS RotoSim $195

Lehle 1@3 (like New) $165

Lovepedal Morph $160

Prices in US$, Shipping not included.

Please Email me if you want some pictures. Thanks.

Money would be nice, but Trades are cool also. I collect older Japanese made guitars (Ibanez, Yamaha, Burny, greco, Tokai etc.) and crazy older effects pedals. Drop me an email with what you have for trade.

Please just email (sch333 at rogers dot com) as I don't check PM's very often.

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EHX Worm, new XO version, like new in the box with power supply and papers/dvds. $75 shipped.

Colorsound One Knob Fuzz clone, big fat loud silicon fuzz, built by me, BC109 transistors, powder coated pedalenclosures.com box, true bypass, DC jack, LED. $100 shipped.

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EHX Microsynth - $175 shipped

*True bypass modded

*More scratched up than pictures show but in good working order



EHX Small Clone -$50 shipped

*Older big box style

*Good cosmetic condition

*PM for pictures


Keeley Rat - $100 shipped


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Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler- $380 + shipping
- 100 effects (Delay, Mod, Dist, Reverb and Filter), 28 second looper, 15 foot switches, tuner, midi, etc

MXR EVH-117 Eddie Van Halen Flanger - $135 shipped
- This is an awesome flanger! Uses the classic MXR flanger design, and comes with the EVH Switch, which instantly calls up Eddie's "Unchained" sound. 100% MINT condition and sounds great.

MXR 117R Flanger- $105 shipped
- Classic analog flanger

DOD 575 Flanger- $60 shipped
-80's flanger with the SAD chip, sounds really good!

Ibanez PL5 Sound Tank- Powerlead distortion- $20 shipped
-Cool budget dirt pedal

Rogue PA speaker - $30 (NYC pickup)
- 100W PA cab with 1 10" speaker and horn

I take Pay Pal, and NYC meetups are an option too.
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EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper TRADED

Tone Factor Sugar Baby Tremolo SOLD

MXR KFK 10 band EQ $75

Dunlop Fuzz Face SOLD

Radial Big Shot i/o $50

Line 6 pocket pod $75

All pedals are in great shape. The Fuzz Face is the only one without the box. Velcro is neatly applied to the pedals as well. MXR EQ comes with the power adapter. All prices are shipped with paypal in the continental US. Feel free to ask any questions via PM.


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ZVEX Lo-Fi Loop Junky with power cable plate for trade. Missing one knob cap, which does not affect functionality in any way. I do not play guitar, I play a Sidrassi Organ, so I do not use my pedals with my feet. Finish is in fairly excellent condition.

Looking to trade for:

Moog Moogerfooger MF-101 Lowpass Filter

Will sell outright for $250.00 USD. I recognize the knob cap is missing, but it does include the power plate. I do not have the original backplate or box/bag/dice. The pedal is in excellent condition.


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Tonefreak Severe
box, papers, goodies

Silver Kiss MK2
box, no papers

GGG CB1 boost (LPB clone)
my build & paint

Not pictured:

EHX Memory Boy
box & papers, no adapter

AMT Du Hast
box & papers, heavy distortion

Line 6 Uber Metal
box & papers

80s MIJ Ibanez DS10
JRC4558 chip, stereo outs, VG+

PT Pro soft case only
this is the case ONLY, not the board
brand new, never used

All pedals neatly velcroed.
All prices include 48 state shipping.
NO Paypal, NO international. USPS money orders only.
PMs answered in a timely manner.
Trades considered: PS3 or 5, MP LGW or SBOD, Les Lius.
NO Boss, Fulltone, cheapo stuff. I have tons of dirt already, so I'll be picky.
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74 Twin, Blackface mods, new caps, tube sockets cleaned and re-tensioned. Master Volume is disconnected - still intact, can be reconnected if you desired. Original speakers, has casters, footswitch. Would prefer not to ship but would if you really wanted it.




No Trades. Thanks







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I need new studio monitors, so these must go. Please, no trades.


Prices include shipping and paypal. No money orders please. Overseas pay shipping.


All the Mad Professor pedals include box and instructions. The Wah Probe includes box and instructions, power plate and original plate, rag, etc. All pedals have velcro neatly applied.


Little Green Wonder: $205

Tiny Orange Phaser: $270 SOLD

Mellow Yellow Tremolo: $270 SOLD

Deep Blue Delay: $235 SOLD

Wah Probe: $235



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Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz - $125




Pro Co "Vintage" Rat Big Box LM308 - $135




EHX Bass Micro Synth (Great on Guitar and Bass) - $175




Boss DD-5 (These are pretty hard to come by these days and highly sought after) - $95

Electro-Harmonix Knockout! (This Attack Equlaizer will make your humbuckers sound like single coils and your strat like a tele!) - $47, Trades?

Voodoo Lab Proctavia (This is a exact Octavia clone. Purple Haze!) - $80

Tone Factor Pulp Mill Compressor (This is a Boutique Orange Squeezer Compressor combined with a clean boost.) - Sold

Morley Emerald Echo (All Analog Delay, Volume modded by the techs at Morley) - $85

Vintage Ibanez Stereo Bass Chorus (All Analog) - $60

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus (18v version) - Trades?

Ibanez Powerlead - Trades?

DOD Bass EQ (has a broken slider, but works) - Trades?


Buy any two pedals and I'll take $5 off. Buy 3 and I'll take $15 off.

All Prices include PP/SHIPPING to Continental USA.




90's Fender MIM Duosonic w/ Original Gig Bag (Beautiful Condition, Smoke-Free Environment) - $280

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Korg 301dl Delay - Neat delay that does all sorts of stuff. Ducking, lofi, hi and low roll-off, two presets, predelay. - $55 shipped.



Moog Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Mod - $215 shipped



Lexicon Vortex with Expression pedal & power supply - $150 shipped.




Digitech TSR-24s with manual - $110 shipped


Rane SM-26 splitter/mixer with power supply, works great.- $100 shipped


Pedaltrain Jr/SC - $?

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