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The lead guitarist in one of the bands I was in had one back in '87. He told us about how cool and vintage it was, but the thing had a terrible time staying in tune and most of us thought it didn't sound very good and I thought it was a difficult guitar to play. It just seemed to be an old, cheap guitar.


We had a party the day he showed up to practice with a "new" guitar...

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After the Beatles made it big in 1964, Decca Records wanted to enter the guitar market. In 1965, CBS bought Fender.

Somewhere around 1965, Decca started a division known as Decca Home Entertainment Products, which for several years imported Japanese acoustic and solid-body electric guitars aimed primarily at the beginner market, at young kids who wanted to be like their idols.

Decca guitars (and Decca amps) were mail order guitars (you could order one from Sears Roebuck catalog) or you could get them through major discount stores, or find them in local music stores of course ...

The early Decca guitars were indeed made by Teisco for Decca Records, from 69 and onwards the Decca guitars were made by Kawai.


dunno who made the amps


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