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Wata's (from Boris) weird echo setup


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I posted about this over on Talkbass a while back, but got no replies so I'm trying here instead. I'd really like to know what that DC-20's doing!


Take an RE-150



Plug a guitar into the instrument input jack (circled bluey-green), and an amp into the echo output jack (circled red), finally plug the footswitch in (dead center jack). Basically, do everything as you normally would.


Next, take a Roland DC-20



Run a patch cable, from one of the mic inputs on the RE-150, to the direct output of the DC-20 (second jack from the right, circled black). Yes I said direct, as in dry, not wet/echo.


What would happen, what effect would the DC-20 (with nothing running into it) have on the RE-150? Wata certainly seems to think it does something cool.






Here it just gets a little bit crazy. She seems to be running the bottom RE-150, with the usual instrument input, echo output and footswitch used (presumably to guitar, amp and footswitch respectively), with the first mic input connected to the direct (dry) output of the DC-20 and the second connected to the echo (wet) output of the top RE-150. The top RE-150 has no footswitch connected and appears to have a lead running to the instrument input, though I cannot see where that's going in these pics. Maybe her keyboards?




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It might be used to color her echo repeats? Or maybe as a pre-amp to distort the repeats? I don't know actually. But if my RE-150 starts up and doesn't give me any problems. I'll run my DMM into it the same way She's doing with the DC-20, and I'll write back once I get something. :thu:

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