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NGD: A-serial MIJ '62 Telecaster 'TLC62b'

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Ho-ho-ho. I like this one a LOT. I like it better than the CAR w/ Bigsby that I briefly had, its lighter, the rosewood is WAY darker, pickups (Manlius '51 Nocasters, wound by the previous owner) are better & it FEELS like a 25yr old guitar, b/c it is. Not quite as 'spot on' as my Antigua. Thinner neck, stock saddles were too small + the grub screws & intonation screws were far too long, but the rest of it is fantastic. I've already swapped the stock saddles for the brass Callahams that used to be on the Antigua & used the guitar Sat. night for a gig. Performed flawlessly, like a good Tele oughta' should. Who else here is rocking an old JV/E/A MIJ guitar?


This one may be a keeper. . .














And finally, a gratuitous gig shot w/ other HCFX Brother, 'onerailunder' and his fan-freaking-tastic 620:




The ratio of talent to gear awesomeness in our band is kind of horrific. Oh well. :D

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Good stuff man! That tele is hawt

Email me back :poke:


I KNOW! Sorry for the *delay*. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Is there a chance you sent yours w/o a return label? I got a bunch in last week & still need to sort through & figure whos is whos. . . I'll get back w/ you ASAP.


Also - re: the Bigsby, I miss it, but I was thinking the CAR would be an 'only' Tele & that I'd sell both my G&L + the Antigua, but the Antigua was the better guitar. Then thought I'd let the CAR go for something else,. . .until I saw this one & snagged it w/o a 2nd thought. Might keep the Antigua & this one - one w/ rosewood, one maple, one w/ nickle saddles, one brass, one high output pups, the other low, etc. I think the Antigua edges this one out just a tiny bit on the build quality, but the looks of this one are just over-the-top IMO.

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Can't help myself but post a few pix from last weekend's "Rock 'n' Roll Swap Meet VII" Gig - our largest show by a fair margin (shared the bill w/ 6 other bands), ~400people. Best thing about the show? We went on @ 3:30p & it was outdoors so no reason not to bring my Son - first time he's seen me play out. :lol:


Me looking like a big dork w/ my fine-ass guitar:







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