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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - weekly spam thread 2-22-10

Phil O'Keefe

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I have a 62 AVRI jazzmaster. It is the olympic white finish. The guitar has had the tortoise pickguard swapped out for a black pickguard(which looks sharp). I do still have the tortoise guard which will be included.


The bridge has been swapped for a mustang bridge which has done a great job of increasing sustain, reducing buzz, and keeps the strings from popping off the saddles. The guitar is currently set up for 11 guage strings.


The pickups have been swapped out for a curtis novak jm-90 in the bridge, and jm-v in the neck. Also, if you're looking for a more traditional jazzmaster sound in the bridge position I have an unused seymour duncan quarter pound bridge pickup that will be included with it.


The guitar is cosmetically somewhere between a 6 and 6.5 out of 10 I'd say. Definitely a player's guitar. Guitar has buckle rash on the back and chips, nicks, etc. Save some money on a killer guitar if you aren't picky about it being in cosmetically perfect condition.


This is a killer guitar that sounds great and has been set up very well. Case is included.


I'm looking to get $1000 shipped and paypal'd out of it.


paypal is definitely the preferred method of payment.


Not interested in trades as I really do love this guitar and would prefer if I didn't have to part with it at all. That being said, I need the cash at the moment.


edit: Took some pictures with my phone, not the best quality, but the best I can manage for now.





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if you have a hardtail 7 string and can add cash, let me know what you have. i'm open to most any brand but not lower end guitars. i'm not looking for an even trade, i need to get cash out of the trade.


JACKSON SL1 GHOST FLAME. includes original hardshell case. great condition. small nick in the tip of headstock. $1300 + shipping.










EBTECH HUM ELIMINATOR. 8 channel rackmount. has some scratches from being in a rack. $140 + shipping.















STUDIO PROJECTS VTB1 MIC PREAMP with optional power supply and rack shelf included.

$100 + shipping.






GROUND LINK. used with the GROUND CONTROL MIDI controler. good condition. $75 + shipping.








EMINENCE PATRIOT BLACK POWDER ( 8 OHM). good condition. $35 + shipping.















shipping is to the U.S. only. (AK and HI will cost more).





please e-mail :carr3rd@aol.com

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Roland SP-404SX - Like new. Comes with original box, papers and power supply. - $300 shipped/paypal

Korg Mini KP - Like new. Comes with original box and papers. - $75 shipped/paypal

Would prefer to sell together for $325 shipped/paypal. Continental U.S. preferred. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada pay actual shipping. No trades. Tons of good deals on HC and ILF. References upon request. Thanks!

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- rolling stones - beggar's banquet(used but plays flawlessly) $7, big hits(same condition) $8, their satanic majesties request(the original with raised rare as {censored} holographic cover. plays flawlessly, and the sleve/vinyl are in great shape) $35

- beatles - rock and roll music(stuff up until the white album; greatest hits. good condition plays great) $12, revolver(like new, never listened, no scratches though) $15, sgt. pepper(brazillian press, protective sleeve, plays flawless, expected few scratches) $22

- elliot smith - new moon(only had it for a few months, listened to maybe 3 times. mint) $10

- emeralds - s/t(bought in november, new. listened to a few times. mint) $10

- modest mouse - we were dead(listened to one of the vinyl once. mint, OOP, yeah) $25

-sword heaven - entrance(mint) $9

- drive like jehu - yank crime (expected wear, plays flawlessly, comes with rome plows 7", OOP) $13

- sonic youth - evol(original SST, expected wear, plays flawlessly, OOP) $55

- godspeed you black emperor - lift yr skinny fists...(sleeve damage in the top of the spine(bent) but vinyl is mint. survived a car crash, never listened) $14

- bright eyes/son ambulance split "oh holy fools" (pretty much mint, OOP/rare) $50

- explosions in the sky - earth is not a cold dead place(minor sleeve damage, vinyl is great) $16, those who tell the truth...(mint) $10, all of a sudden i miss everyone(mint) $13

-juvenescent beat - one day we're gonna fall through this roof(unopened) $6

- handsome furs - face control(mint) $8

-police - synchronicity(ehh) $3, reggatta de blanc(whatever) $5

- husker du - warehouse: ongs and stories(expected wear, OOP) $20

- chinese stars - listen to yr left brain(never listened) $8

-wu tang clan - 36 chambers(mint) $14

- teen idles/SOA/government issue/youth brigade split - i will give this to you if you buy another record

- nautical almanac - melding neutrality(i've described this record everywhere, never sounds the same twice, amazing amazing amazing, OOP) $20

- white mice - blassstphlegmeice(listened once, not even all the way through) $10

- velvet underground and nico(mint) $13

- murder city devils - in name and blood(mint) $12

- pink floyd - dark side of the moon(old) $5

- wolf eyes/falling lights/spykes/nate young split picture disk {censored}ing amazing, coolest art ever(never listened, OOP) $25?

- pissed jeans - hope for men(minor wear, vinyl is fine) $10

- lightning bolt - ride the skies(minor wear, OOP, vinyl plays flawlessly) $30, hypermagic mountain(mint, OOP) $40

- sunn0))) - oracle(mint, minor sleeve wear on the spine, transparent vinyl, OOP) $20

- social junk - concussion summer(mint, OOP) $20

- radiohead - in rainbows(listened once, mint) $13

- black sabbath - paranoid $8

- led zeppelin 4 $5

- sun ra - we travel the space ways(mint, never listened) $15

- fragments - s/t(mint/OOP) $10

- madonna - like a virgin $3

- neil young - harvest(sleeve damage) $5, after the gold rush(good) $8

- double leapords - a hole is true(mint) $10

- carol king - tapestry $4

-brian jonestown massacre - bringing it all back home again(mint) $15?

- fugazi - repeater(mint) $9

- king krimson - red(some wear) $5

- cat stevens greatest hits $5

- cars greatest hits $3

- jimi hendrix - are you experienced?(sleeve is {censored}ed, and it skips one time on the whole record) $3

- brian eno - taking tiger mountain(expected wear, amazing record) $18




whammy 4

boss re-20



will trade for guitar pedals(looking for a cool ring mod, fuzz, a digitech xp300, A PITCHFACTOR or timefactor maybe, pitch shifters that aren't the whammy, etc... make offers) or for the prices listed above. i assume if i have to ship any of these, you'll be buying more than one, so i'll ship media to save as much money as possible for both of us.

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Spring Cleaning!


All prices very negotiable, I mainly just want it gone. Market prices are hard to find for some of this stuff, so I'm just putting a ballpark price on stuff for you to lowball.






Black Vantage Les Paul Custom knockoff. Not an exact copy, body shape is a little "melted" and has a paddle headstock. Big finish crack on the low E side of the neck up by the nut. This crack is through the finish only, as far as I can tell. Never bothered me, as my thumb never hits that part of the neck. Plays great, holds tune well, OK PAF style pickups. I don't know how old this is. Moar pics of guitar and the crack are available. Comes with cheap hardcase. $150 shipped






Numark CD Mix-1. Dual deck CD player/mixer. Some knobs are missing, and many pots are scratchy/gunky and could use a good cleaning. However, both CD decks work fine. Comes with power supply. $80 shipped






Neck and Bridge pups from a MIM Telecaster. Lots of lead, haven't been used in 4+ years, but worked great last time I had them in a guitar. $20 shipped







Neck and Bridge pickups from my '79 Greco Les Paul. These aren't the fabled "DRY" or "DRY-Z" pickups that I know of, as they have no markings on them indicating so. However, they are incredible sounding PAF style hums. I had to pull them because they were a bit too microphonic for me, as I usually play at high volume and very close to my amp. If you don't mind that, or are willing to wax them again, they really sound fantastic. $75 shipped






DOD Phasor/201. Great sounding phase, but a little to subtle for me. Got recently in trade , and its still in excellent condition. $50 shipped





Zoom Driver 5000: Over the top metal distortion with built in adjustable gate. Input jack has gone funky and may need to be re-soldered. Works fine if you jiggle it a little, though. $30 shipped


Protone Boom Box: Parametric EQ/Boost with off centered knobs and patented "rat's nest" wiring. $SOLD


Dano Fab Flange and Chicken Salad (working), Dano Rocky Road (not working, missing knob). All 3 $30 shipped



Celestion Seventy 80 12" speaker, 16 ohm: I don't have a picture of it at the moment, but it looks like a speaker $45 shipped.

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FS: Pedaltrain Jr SC - In good shape, only used it a few times. One of the screw heads broke off when I was installing the power supply bracket. Never gave me any issues, and it still felt secure with the three screws holding it on.


Considering selling my M9 & Mission Expression pedal, let me know if you might be interested.


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Bought this about two weeks ago. Great pedal, just not really my thing.

Mainly looking for trade offers now, but would sell for $210 sipped/paypal'd.


Open to all offers, but mainly looking for delays.


Comes with power supply, no box. far left slider is broken off, but you there's still enough to move it with no problem.



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Boss BD-2 $45

(still have the box and I think the paperwork is in there)


EHX Big Muff w/ Tone Wicker $75

(has velcro but I still have the box, feet, paperwork and the EHX demo dvds)


shipping included in lower 48 : I'm up for trades and I will add cash to trade up. THX BRO

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All prices include shipping and paypal to CONUS. All international buyers must pay shipping. All pedals have velcro on them and work 100%


Boss TU-2: works great still just going to upgrade $65 SOLD


Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet: Solid OD sounds so good and versatile, but I got a Tim Comes with box & Docs. plus an 18v power supply if you want to try that. $135 SOLD


Single TB Loop: I used it for my wh-10v2 wah. tiny footprint LED is powered from a power supply only no battery. $35Pending Payment


Ibanez WH-10v2: I got this as a gift and as my playing develops right now wah isn't seeing much use. It works fine sounds great. The button on these new ones are hard to engage so might as well get it at a discounted price. If you want the loop with it we can work out a deal if both are around. Comes with box & docs. $85 SOLD




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Continental US only...


OK... maybe there's a collector around....


I have 4 of the 5 Ibanez programmable pedals, plus the DMI control brain from the DCP series they made in the 80s, as well as 4 SEDI connector cables.


The delays are both digital, the distortion is analog, but the controls are digital. All of these allow you to store 19 'programs', here's a link to one of the manuals:



The pedals connected to the DMI via Small Electronics Digital Interface (SEDI) connections (yeah those never took off) that use a mini din to the DMI-4. The DMI-4 accepts Midi change requests.


All prices Shipped & Paypalled:

$110 - PDD-1 Digital Delay - Circuit same as a DDL-10 I think - 1024ms delay time I believe

$125- PDM-1 Digital Modulation Delay - Same as PDM-20 I think - 1024ms delay time I believe - Yes it can chorus, yes it can flange

$75 - PDS-1 Analog Distortion (five 4558D op-amps) - Circuit is the same as a DS-10 Distortion Charger I believe.

$110 - PPE-1 Parametric EQ

DMI4 Interface & SEDI Cables $40


All 4 pedals and the contoller and cables for $420 shipped


Admittedly I'm not exactly sure how to set up the DMI in relation to the pedals. I believe the idea is that you can use a midi controller to send program changes to the pedals to change 'presets' on each pedal (even send individual ones into bypass), I'm just not sure exactly how you set that up, and those details don't appear to be in the manual above. I've hooked up a midi controller and indeed there is some activity so it seems to work... just not sure how. Maybe someone on the Ibanez forums has the instructions. A few years ago there was a shop in Italy that discovered a bunch of NOS pedals and DMIs, so those probably had instructions with them.




I also have a Rackmount Ibanez EPP-400 Loop switcher and IFC60 control pedal - I don't have the dedicated DIN connector



- 5 Loops

- Put them in any order you want

- 3 Loops have a "Sub" return

- 2 Inputs A/B (can't do A+B)


$125 Shipped - I do have a manual I can send as well.




Ibanez Twin Cam Chorus - $75 Shipped

Boss CE-5 (Semi cranky footswitch) $55 shipped




Might as well also add my Aria Lawsuit-Era Les Paul Copy (Bolt Neck)

Has needed a refret since I bought it (darn fleabay)... probably could use new tuners as well. $225 shipped w/gig bag - which is the price I paid - I've since put in over $60 replacing knobs, switches and pickups with some from Guitarfetish clearance bin




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