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Steve Lukather uses a Compressor / Sustain even with EMGs

Tone Doctor

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Maybe I'm missing something here, but why wouldn't you want to use a compressor with EMG's? :confused:


A compressor limits dynamic range. EMG pickups are quite capable of reproducing a player's dynamics - getting loud if you dig in, or producing a lower signal level if you play very softly. A good compressor can help even out the playing dynamics; restricting the dynamic range. Furthermore, a compressor can also have tonal and timbrel applications; especially in terms of envelope variation - modifying the ADSR envelope of the signal .. so again, I guess I am just confused as to why anyone would think you couldn't use a compressor with EMG's, or that an EMG wouldn't need or benefit from compression if that's something the player wanted to use to limit dynamic range or modify the tone and attack (etc.) characteristics of their guitar signal. :confused::idk:

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